Residential Doors

Apollo door styles, materials and hardware options suit any architectural style and are guaranteed to help you make a truly memorable entrance.


Step into luxury each and every time you come home to an Apollo fiberglass door, perfectly customized to reflect your personal style.


A fiberglass door is an excellent option for any exterior door. Stylish and dent resistant, they feature top-of-the-line insulating characteristics and are available in smooth or textured finishes.


Fiberglass doors with a smooth skin have a clean, simple style and can easily be painted to coordinate with the rest of the home. Textured fiberglass offers greater flexibility and can be painted, stained or enhanced with panels to give the appearance of real wood while providing superior insulating values, lower maintenance and better durability.


•High impact compression moulded fiberglass skins are “weatherproof” and will not delaminate, corrode, mold or mildew. Apollo fiberglass doors also do not dent, rust, warp, crack, split, splinter, or rot and are very easy to keep clean. •Waterproof composite stiles and rails are sealed and beautifully finished to protect all edges of the door from moisture penetration which could harm the inner insulation. The composite material will not delaminate or splinter and boasts twice the screw-holding capacity of typical wood-edge doors. The top and bottom rails are also composite components that prevent water seepage, are easy to trim and pre-machined to accommodate the bottom weather sweep. This patented innovation protects every Designer Arch fiberglass door from moisture infiltration. •Full length lock block and more internal structure than any door of its kind in North America. This structural reinforcement also ensures added security against forced entry and provides incomparable stability.

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  • Increased Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Superior Durability

You’ll help the environment

Home energy use makes up the bulk of your individual carbon footprint—approximately 27 percent. Energy-efficient replacement windows can help lower that figure for you and your family by reducing the amount of power your home uses. The gap between the two panes of glass in a double-pane window provides a significant boost to the essentially nonexistent insulating properties of bare, single-pane glass. This gas-filled gap creates a vacuum between the panes of glass. And because neither heat nor cold transfer very well through a vacuum, the temperate air inside your home stays put, as does the hot or cold air outside.

With windows that provide insulation and don’t let drafts in the house, you won’t need your heating and cooling system quite as much. Will you still use your air conditioning system in the summer? Most likely, yes, but you won’t need to set the thermostat to 65 and listen to the compressor run constantly to stay comfortable. And because you’ll use your HVAC system less, you’ll be using less power from the utility company, which translates to lower monthly bills and less energy consumption for your entire family. In fact, double-pane windows can eliminate up to approximately 6,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year in an average home. That’s the equivalent of about 300 gallons of gasoline!

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