Service 1
Insulated Glass (IGU)

Cut-to-size Single, Double and Triple Insulated Glass (IGU)

Service 2

Energy Efficient Vinyl Frame Windows.

Service 3

Custom made fibreglass Residential Doors.

Portfolio 1
Portfolio 2
  • Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows
  • Slash your heating and cooling bills.
  • Eliminate unwelcome drafts.
  • Enhance the value of your home.
  • Increase home safety and security.
  • Secure year-round comfort


There is no one perfect glazing solution for every building, or every orientation, hence the large array of products available! It can sometimes get a bit complex, but when in doubt remember:

  • The lower the U value the better for reducing winter heat loss.
  • The lower the SGHC the better for reducing heat gain in summer.
  • The higher the VT the better for natural daylight.
  • Compare different products on WERS website.
  • Compare different products on WERS website.


The benefits of double glazing are well documented and are not just about reducing energy consumption.

The main benefits of double glazing include:

  • Reduce noise pollution into buildings.
  • Reduce condensation build up on the inside of windows.
  • Improved comfort levels.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce running costs.


  • Low-e glazing does not generally perform as well as double glazing, and is not normally a reasonable substitute.
  • Choosing low SGHC can dramatically reduce the VT and the natural daylight in a building.
  • Weight of larger DG panes of glass can prove a challenge during installation.