Cut-to-size Glass Service

We supply single glass sheets, our state of the art cnc glass cutter are designed for high speed and a high degree of accuracy. These machine will cut shapes and optimize glass cutting.

We have a delivery time of 48 hours in cut to the size services.

Replacing old windows with high-quality double-pane units is a great first step toward increasing your home’s energy efficiency, but you don’t have to stop there. Modern technology has led to the development of window enhancements that can help your windows perform even better.

Window coatings are applied to the Insulated Glass (IGU) during the manufacturing process. A coating cannot be removed or applied after installation. If energy efficiency is your main goal, ask your window replacement contractor about low-E glass for your new windows.

Low-E glass is coated with a micro-thin layer of material that blocks the sun’s rays from entering your home, thus reducing solar heat gain during the summer. In the winter, low-E glass reflects the heat from your HVAC system back into the house, which helps keep your utility bills low and reduces strain on your heating system.

Window films can be applied to individual windows after they’re installed. Solar control window film is your best bet for energy efficiency because it’s designed to reflect UV rays. If you’re concerned about a reflective appearance, opt for ceramic film. This type of solar control film tends to be on the higher end of the price scale, but it withstands all types of climates and has no reflective properties.

If you’d rather not spring for ceramic solar control film, ask your window pro about dual-reflectivity film. This type of window film ensures a clear view out of your windows at night instead of the interior reflection you’ll see with standard reflective solar control films.

Regardless of whether you decide on coated glass or window film, blocking UV rays from entering your house is a good idea. We can’t live without the sun’s light, but it sure can do a number on your flooring and furniture. Low-E glass and solar control window films can help prevent carpet, furniture, wood floors, and wall hangings from fading over the years.

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  • SHGC : 0.3 to 0.9
  • VT : 0.85 to 0.3
  • U Value : 1.5 to 3.5

You’ll help the environment

Home energy use makes up the bulk of your individual carbon footprint—approximately 27 percent. Energy-efficient replacement windows can help lower that figure for you and your family by reducing the amount of power your home uses. The gap between the two panes of glass in a double-pane window provides a significant boost to the essentially nonexistent insulating properties of bare, single-pane glass. This gas-filled gap creates a vacuum between the panes of glass. And because neither heat nor cold transfer very well through a vacuum, the temperate air inside your home stays put, as does the hot or cold air outside.

With windows that provide insulation and don’t let drafts in the house, you won’t need your heating and cooling system quite as much. Will you still use your air conditioning system in the summer? Most likely, yes, but you won’t need to set the thermostat to 65 and listen to the compressor run constantly to stay comfortable. And because you’ll use your HVAC system less, you’ll be using less power from the utility company, which translates to lower monthly bills and less energy consumption for your entire family. In fact, double-pane windows can eliminate up to approximately 6,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year in an average home. That’s the equivalent of about 300 gallons of gasoline!

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